Monday, November 21, 2016

Terraria - Nintendo 3ds

Terraria - Nintendo 3ds

Terraria - Nintendo 3ds

PRICE : USD 29.99

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where to buy Terraria - Nintendo 3ds

Imagine a world where your creativity could run wild, a virtual sandbox that allowed you to explore, create and plunge into action-packed battles. The only limit is the breadth of your imagination as you journey through exotic environments, encounter fantastic beasts and fight against nefarious foes. Will you navigate this world alone, the master of all you survey? Or do you prefer to bring along friends and family for nonstop creative fun? A world of fun awaits you - are you ready to build it from the ground up? Get ready to experience the world-building action you enjoyed on your PC, PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 with a host of enhancements in Terraria, a creative adventure that lets your daydreams run wild. Build your world with ease thanks to Nintendo 3DS touch-screen controls that allow you to construct elaborate structures with your fingertips. Feel the thrill of combat as you battle hundreds of foes, magical beasts and lethal bosses. A world of imagination and adventure is waiting for you - grab your hammer and pickaxe and get ready to build your own fun. d5db7fb9d3f46f1a9f4c307ee84ac121

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